Construction & Engineering

Our specialist construction, engineering and energy expertise lies at the heart of our practice. Having acted for the key players in both the public and private sectors, we’ve seen the industry from a myriad of angles, making us a dominant force for advice from the inception of your project till its fruition. Our clients include:

  • government agencies
  • owners/developers
  • major contractors
  • specialist sub-contractors and suppliers
  • engineers, architects and other consultants
  • insurers

We are the right choice for all three areas where you might require the best possible legal advice:

1. Pre-contractual documentation.

Our lawyers have a solid grip on all aspects of procurement and documentation and are familiar with all major industry standard forms, including the FIDIC, NEC, PSSCOC, SIA and REDAS forms.

We draft and review agreements with both legal and commercial considerations in mind and pride ourselves on being able to think creatively to respond to all challenges. We will find a way to make your deal work for you.

2. Strategic advice during the course of the project.

During the course of the project, strategic advice might be required on a range of contractual, employment or insurance issues. We can offer you the top-notch legal advice here to ensure that you will be in the optimal position should the issues escalate into contentious disputes. Here we will be completely sensitive to your commercial considerations and can be as visible or invisible as you need us to be.

3. Dispute resolution.

If disputes cannot be avoided, dispute resolution is our speciality area of practice. All our lawyers have a keen interest in advocacy and are seriously good in court. Our lawyers are also well versed with arbitration procedure and rules and are equally familiar with the adjudication regime.