Cheryl YEO


  • LL.B. (Hons) National University of Singapore
  • Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore, 1995

Contact Details

D: +65 6849 9568
F: +65 6336 6547
M: +65 8245 4952

Cheryl has broad experience in litigation and arbitration work for civil disputes. She has acted in contract and negligence claims, STB matters, winding up, tenancy, family law, defamation and other contentious commercial matters. She has experience in obtaining interlocutory, Mareva and mandatory injunctions.

She has acted in construction matters representing developers, subsidiary proprietors, main contractors and subcontractors, dealing with defects, encroachment, variations, prolongation costs, liquidated damages for delay, performance bonds calls, HDB and LTA projects. She is an experienced mediation advocate. Cheryl volunteers with executive committee of Action for Aids.